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This site encompasses the work I do with all types of animals, including the human kind!

More than twenty five years ago I became aware that when I stand beside or touch a living being I "get" information about them.  I receive information about all kinds of things, from a person's childhood experiences, to their love of something,  to pain that is felt at the present time.

I've studied Dowsing, Bio Energy Analysis, Nutrition and Lameness Reflex Points, Myofascial Lymph work, Essential oils, Acupressure, Fung Shui, Hands on Energy work, Herbalism, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy and other healing modalities.  While integrating all of these areas into my work I have found that my primary talent is in communication with the spirit world. In my experience I have found that whether it is your spirit, or that of your animals or your plants, it is all the same energy. All living things have a voice.

Please explore my site and blog and enjoy what I have to share.  I look forward to hearing from you.
In Joy,Sheila Ryan  D.Div.

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